Our Time Commitment Card


Our Time - Dream With Us

Close your eyes and picture what it's going to feel like to walk into RH's future home in just a few short months!

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Our Time Video Update - 10/29

Check out this video as Scott Harrop shares the WHY and HOW for our future home!

Our Time Video Update 10/22

Scott talks us through where we are currently with the Our Time Building Initiative. Stay tuned in the weeks ahead for more updates!

A phased approach: Phase 1.0

Phase 1.0 is the base model of our church! Although it may not meet all of our needs, it gets us an auditorium and 1 of 2 floors of RKIDZ space.

A phased approach: Phase 3.0

Phase 3.0 brings staff offices and more community group space! 

A phased approach: Phase 2.0

Phase 2.0 is where we hope to be at the Grand Opening of Rockharbor's new home. This phase accommodates our potential growth all while allowing us to offer all programs we currently offer.

A phased approach: Phase 1.3

Phase 1.3 introduces raked seating into our auditorium. This allows for 400 more seats all while ensuring every seat is set up for an amazing experience in the auditorium.

A phased approach: Phase 1.2

Phase 1.2 brings a beautiful full size lobby to our church! We will have plenty of space before and after services for sit down conversations and space for connection. There is even a small play area for the kiddos to play in!

A phased approach: Phase 1.1

Phase 1.1 equals a second floor to our RKIDZ space and allows us to accommodate more kids in a single service!

His:story of Rockharbor Church

As we take steps to move forward in the life of Rockharbor, it is so important for us to remember where we came from and all that God has done to get us here. From 6 couples in a small living room to over 2000 a weekend, it has really been a move of God!

Freedom in Generosity

Our friends Meghan & Justin share their story in regards to marriage, parenting and generosity.

God's Perfect Timing

Sometimes in life, things line up as if they were planned that way. With the Link's, God's hand was on their marriage, family and their big move to Idaho.

Why is this Our Time?

God has been at work in RH since day one and He shows no signs of stopping! Check out this video as we move into what God has next for Rockharbor!